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SessionCam embraces responsive web design

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Our simple ambition for SessionCam is to provide the world’s best session replay solution. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken another good step towards that ambition as SessionCam’s replay capability has been enhanced to support responsive web design.

Responsive web design

We believe responsive web design is a major trend of massive importance that’s gaining wide scale adoption across the digital design and development community.  As an approach, responsive web design aims to craft sites to provide the optimal viewing experience for the end user. That means easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices from traditional desktop computers through to tablets and smart phones.

Mashable has declared that 2013 to be the year of responsive web design!

Beautiful playback for responsive web design sites

SessionCam’s replay capability has been enhanced to accurately replay a site that has been developed with responsive web site design in mind. This means in playback you can see exactly how the web page content was rendered for each individual user whose activity has been recorded by SessionCam. Changes to the screen size as a user tilts their tablet or smart phone will playback beautifully in SessionCam.

If we can be permitted to say so ourselves, it’s pretty stunning to watch a replay of a web site where the screen sizes are changing as a mobile device is tilted. However, we’re not finished with session replay yet! We’ve got a number of new ideas we’re currently working on and should be able to announce some more exciting developments in the next few weeks.

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